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About Float.wiki

Float.wiki was started in 2017 by Float Euphoria.

We wanted to create a space where we could save all of the Floating information we found around the Internet and share it with the rest of the community. This community has been good to us. Members of the Float Collective provided valuable advice and inspiration when we were building our float center; we wanted to give something back by passing along what we've learned to everyone who aspires to do the same.

We also wanted to provide a FREE directory of floatation centers so anyone looking for a place to float can find one with ease. It astounded us that some web sites were charging as much as $1200 per year just to list your float center in their online directory. Most float centers, like ours, are small businesses. We can't afford to throw that kind of money away and frankly, we don't think anybody should have to considering it's dirt cheap to run a web site these days (this site costs us less than $20 per year to keep online). Float.wiki will always be free to use. If it gets so busy that it costs us a bunch of money to run one day, we'll either pay for it ourselves or ask for donations, but we won't charge our friends & float family money just to link to their site. Links cost nothing to add to a web site. They should be free.

Feel free to create an account, edit pages and add new ones. We put this together to share with everyone. Enjoy!