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Manufacturers of floatation systems:

@peace Float Cabins

Unlike tanks, pods, or chambers, our custom Float Cabins aim to provide a user-friendly design suitable for beginners and seasoned floaters, alike. To help achieve total sensory deprivation – the Cabin is fully insulated while the base is raised off the ground to lessen any vibration caused by other ground sources. The Float Cabin comes equipped with light and audio options, which allows the client to customize their float session by giving them the option to turn lights or music on or off as needed. The Cabin size is quite easy to maintain without having to enter the tub for cleaning or when clients leave items behind.

Apollo Float Tanks

Apollo Float Tanks manufactures float tanks for commercial and private use. With over 20 years standing in the market place, Apollo Float Tanks exports all over the world. The Australian and English Institutes of Sport use our Apollo float tanks in their Olympic training programs because Apollo float tanks lead the market in professional, commercial, and corporate floatation equipment.

Bright Float Tanks

With one of the largest interiors available the Bright Float Pod can accommodate users of any size.

Motion sensitive interior lighting can also be controlled manually depending on each individuals needs. The integrated MP3 player allows the user to listen to anything they would like while floating, great for relaxation, visualizations or even learning!

California Float Concepts

California Float Concepts is your smart tank float room manufacturer. We have created the most functional and innovative tank on the market. Our experience in the Float industry led us to believe a better tank could be made. The Orion Float Suite is the definition of a smart float tank, from its one of a kind solid state self regulating heating system, to its one of a kind filtration system, this tank is in a category of its own.

Dreamwater Float Co

The Team at Dreamwater Float Co consists of talented and motivated engineers, developers, sales people and support staff from 5 different countries. Our mission is to constantly bring new products and technology to the float industry, so that our clients have a wide range of options to choose from. Being the direct manufacturer of our products is our main strength: We design, create molds, write our own software and build our own hardware. We research and import critical components (pump, heater) from trusted and branded suppliers. We assemble every nut and bolt in our own factory. We put the color on and polish out each imperfection. We inspect each product before packing it up and sending it on its way. It is for this very reason, that we are able to continuously come out with new products and colors, along with a whole bunch of floatation-goodness at unsurpassed speeds.

Escape Pod

Escape Pod Floatation Tanks was formed in 2012. We are based in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska. Our goal is to produce high quality, high performance, easy to maintain, and affordable floatation tanks for commercial and private use. Escape Pod sensory deprivation tanks can be found in floatation centers and private homes across the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Colombia, and Australia.


Floataway are able to offer a comprehensive design consultancy and implementation service for organisations, companies and individuals. We can successfully undertake any work requiring a combination of qualified engineers and designers.

We have extensive experience working in conjunction with architects in the UK and internationally on projects from concept visualisation to completion.

Float Lab Technologies

From concept to completion, Float Lab Technologies, Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing & installing high-quality Isolation Floatation Chambers throughout the world. Each system is self-contained and customized to accommodate the designated facility. Chambers come in both 50Hz and 60Hz configurations as well as an array of Colors & Materials to meet all electrical and aesthetic requirements. = Float MedTec

We plan, manufacture, and install floatation systems, customised and tailor-made to suit your spa project. We offer design consultancy and can adapt our products to meet even the most complex structural requirements and your ideas on pricing. Our floatation systems are manufactured in Germany and precision engineered with the most advanced swimming pool technology.

Float Pod

The Float Pod® was formed by Nick Janicki in 2013. After researching the market and running a successful Float Spa he discovered a huge need for an affordable and reliable US Based Float Pod®. The Float Pod® complies with the most recent 2010 federal regulations originating from the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act . We have two drain outtakes, a surface skimmer and mid-range skimmer.

Float Spa

100% water removal/filtration, self draining pods/rooms! – The premium of floating! We are float tank manufacturers and designers (producing float tanks and rooms since 2009) also, so we have thought through and improved every aspect of the flotation experience with our technical knowledge and design, resulting in the creation of -we believe- the most advanced flotation equipment available today, the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System.


Having operated a floatation centre for over 20 years we fully understand the real day-to-day needs of a professional commercial floatation tank operator.

From our initial ideas through to the finished product, the real life performance of i-sopod is always at the heart of our development process. Constantly striving for performance perfection, real industry feedback from i-sopod owners and the customers that use i-sopod provide us with constant invaluable feedback.

i-sopod is dedicated to pushing the boundaries in isolation tank development to meet the needs of your customers.

With its modern and contemporary look i-sopod is the preferred choice of float centre owners who want to own the most reliable float pod on the market, and appreciate the long term value in buying a quality product.

Ocean Float Rooms

Earn higher profits with an Ocean Floatation tank : an invitingly spacious, high performance float tank with all the benefits of regular float tanks but without that "closed in feeling". The Ocean Flotation tank has a proven record attracting far more potential clients eager to try floatation for the first time when compared to standard float tanks.

Orbit Float

Orbit has been designed with the future in mind, based on extensive market research, the design stems from the ground up, offering clients an experience like no other - an out of this world journey.​

Pro Float

Pro Float Inc is a Canadian Float Tank Manufacturer and Distributor of floatation therapy products and services throughout North America. We are on a mission to provide our customers the most value for their dollar by bringing floatation therapy products centered around the core floating experience. We manufacture a Commercial & Residential Float Tank called the Pro Float Cabin, which is designed to be Spacious, Simple & Smart. Try the Pro Float Cabin at any one of these float centre LOCATIONS. We would love to get to know you and help make your goal of promoting floatation therapy a little easier. If you like what you see then BOOK A CALL & CONTACT US to receive more information.


Relaxopod’s strength lies in its indigenous design with most of the components sourced locally.The rich and varied experience of more that a decade and half along with qualification of Certified Water specialist(CWS-1) from WQA,USA helped in designing the IRDMS state of the art filteration system for Relaxopod. Relaxopod Systems India Pvt Ltd is the first Indian manufacturer of floatation pods and aspires to make floating accessible to everyone in India which otherwise was not possible and people who travelled abroad could only do it.

Royal Spa Float Tanks

The Royal Spa Float Tanks have been designed with three things in mind. First of all, we want to be the nicest experience to using a tank. Secondly, we want to be unbelievably low in maintenance. And thirdly, we want to have a great energy efficiency.

Samadhi Floatation Tanks

Since 1972, we have led the floatation tank industry in designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most distraction free devices in the world. Our tanks provide the best possible environment for exploring the extraordinary benefits of floating, which we have been honored to introduce to tens of thousands of people.

We started offering floating out of our home in 1973 and we opened the very first commercial floatation tank center in 1979. We have supplied or supported the design, construction and operation of hundreds of centers throughout the world, including in Auckland, Cuernavaca, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Sao Paolo, Stockholm, Sydney, and Tokyo, to name a few.

We know more about floating than anyone else in the world; it's been our love and passion for over 45 years.

Superior Float Tanks

Superior Float Tanks is the industry’s top manufacturer of therapeutic floatation tanks and floatation tank equipment. We provide float suites/rooms, pods, float tank filtration systems, and installation services to companies, facilities, and individuals. We are a principal resource to the float tank industry, and we provide these services along with quality customer care. No one is more knowledgeable and can provide for your floatation needs like we can.

The Float Spa

We create beautiful, easy-to-use environments for floating and healing with precise, customized plans for every project. Our Float Spas feature superb craftsmanship and customized innovative design to provide the ultimate Float Spa experience.

With over twenty years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, our reputation in designing The Float Spa is unequaled among knowledgeable and discriminating floaters. We work closely with each client to adapt our basic design to each client's personal needs for their particular site. We then construct the total environment to exacting specifications.

Wave Float Rooms

Not a pod nor tank, Wave Float Rooms offer the perfect solution. The preferred comfort of a float room along with the signature Wave contour ceiling, will provide the ideal atmosphere for your clients float experience. Our "Room within a Room" design, provides a heated buffer zone that allows for a condensation free float, with precise air temperature control. Our staff friendly, automated control system makes the Wave Float Room easy to operate and provides a consistent float therapy session for your client every time.

Zen Float Company

We began with a mission to get everyone floating at home. That's why we created the Zen Float Tent. However, we knew in order to get float tanks available to consumers it would require some capital. So, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in April of 2014 – and after 30 days it funded with flying colors! After funding in late May of 2014, we delivered the first portable home float tank to consumers in October of 2014. We now have hundreds of floaters all around the country and the world using the Zen Float Tent and floating regularly.

Zero Gravity Float Rooms

The future of floatation tanks is here. Zero Gravity Float Rooms are designed specifically for use in commercial floatation centers, wellness centers, yoga centers, spas, resorts, athletic training centers or anywhere moderate to heavy use is anticipated.