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Floatation industry resources:

Art of the Float

Our goal is to help others start, run, & refine their own float centers. A place to share what we have learned, to help educate and raise the quality of float centers. We wish to be a guide and companion to have alongside you during all of your successes and failures; providing encouragement and guidance when you need it most, even at three in the morning when everyone else is asleep and you’re covered in salt.

Float Collective

This is a platform for sharing information and asking questions about the operation and facilitation of float centers. The intention is for only owners, managers and staff - or those in the process of becoming owners, managers or staff - of a float center to participate. It is not intended to be a general public interest group about floating. In sticking with this intention, we can keep the conversations focused on the float center operations and not on public inquiry about floating in general.

Float Conference

Join us as the world’s leading experts on float tanks gather for the Float Conference, the world’s largest float tank event.

Float Helm

The Helm is float center specific software created by Float On. Online scheduling, payment, float tank chemistry tracking, employee shift scheduling, and more.

Float Tank Solutions

Float Tank Solutions has worked to create an extensive variety of free resources to educate people about the benefits that float tanks and floatation therapy provide. If you’re interested in researching the benefits of floatation therapy, spreading the word about float tanks, or introducing investors and potential business partners to the industry, these guides and informational packets contain everything you need.

We want to get the word out about this amazing, all-natural therapy, and help the float tank industry find a welcomed home in modern society. These packets offer a wide range of useful facts and figures on floatation therapy, including float tank history, the medical benefits of floatation therapy, and information which will help get your float tanks correctly classified by regulating government agencies.

Download these free resources, and get started on your way to joining the float tank industry!

Float Xperts

We help customers easily and efficiently build a more meaningful business because we believe that helps them build a more meaningful, enjoyable, and overall healthy life. With over 25 years of combined experience in all aspects of floating, we were an early adopter of this exciting new wellness approach, and have grown right along with it.

We take a holistic approach to opening and supporting float centers to absorb as much of the stress as possible. We think of everything because we’ve experienced everything. Now, we’re sharing that expertise with curious floaters hoping to start a business of their own - because as far as we’re concerned, the more float centers, the better!


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